What To Do When You Want To Make Killer Dance Tracks: From Inspiration To Production With GLVN.

We’ve already told you about how GLVN came up, and a bit about what he wants to do now that he’s on the scene. Now it’s time to get down to the nitty-gritty. Every artist has a process, a story behind them, and a great team to back them up. Inspiration? No problem. It comes from life, and it’s born from romance, nostalgia, hope, and energy. You get it or you don’t. Let’s talk about songwriting.

Crafting the Songbook

“A really good song can be played in almost any genre,” Brian tells me. He’d know. He’s been through a few. Brian Glavine turned to EDM after a festival experience left him feeling “the serious, serious power it has in getting people to come together.” We wanted to know how much of his material from previous years of writing for other genres he was able to bring with him to this project. “There were some technical challenges, breaking things down, making it fit for EDM, but I went in knowing I could use what I had. The production that was going underneath it was the major shift.”

“The 40 to my Drake”

Whatever the artist or subgenre, great EDM depends on killer production. Brian was no exception. Even with solid writing, no great song gets made in a vacuum. In his case, it was Toronto music collective Jingle Club that made all the difference. Not only did it allow him to workshop with other artists, but it introduced him to a lot of great talent in the city, including producer Michael Steinslien. “I brought Michael a few of the songs I was working on, and he was able to help me bring them up to a whole other level. After the first few sessions we had together, I knew I’d be able to put these songs out in the near future.” In Steinslien, GLVN had found the missing ingredient to his success. “I could tell right away he was super professional. I was super confident in songwriting, in everything I’d been doing, but I needed someone to bring it to A grade production, where there was no doubt it could work. He’s like the 40 to my Drake.”

The Trade-Off/Partnerships

No one can go it alone. To wrap up, we asked GLVN about building a home on the independent scene, it’s challenges, and working to establish the relationships that could take his career to the next level. “It’s where a lot of people in my shoes get started. Most of us are just trying to fund our own projects right now, trying to push it forward without a major label to really help generate that interest. Being on your own, you get to make a lot of decisions and do it your way, but it’s a trade-off for that support and industry knowledge. Getting in with a label is something I’m open to, but if that time comes it’s really more about what the deal on the table is at that moment. I’d want it to be a real partnership.”

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